Concept Analyst is quick; Concept Analyst Reanalyses are quicker. Repeated analyses are quicker than individual analyses because of the efficient exploitation of the Boundary Element Method it uses to solve the numerical model.


Reanalysis is the name given to an analysis that share features common to a previous initial analysis, or more technically, where subsequent analyses are meshed with many elements common to the initial analysis. The use and interpretation of reanalysis within Concept Analyst are unimportant from a user point of view; all reanalysis considerations are undertaken automatically by the software.

The concept of reanalysis coupled with the efficient numerical algorithms in Concept Analyst results in near real-time analysis. See the Technical information and Extra features pages for more details.
Reanalysis in Concept Analyst is easy. Run an initial analysis and view your results. Then with the results still on-screen select any reanalysis tool and start making changes. This is especially useful for examining the effects on stress concentration of models undergoing evolutionary changes such as deciding where to add features such as holes.

Reanalysis in Concept Analyst supports creating and moving holes, resizing holes and fillet radii, and moving geometric points, lines and internal features.

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